Stumpy gives a chuckwalla a ride at the Tempe Music Festival.

Time to change the wheel.

Nurse MJ talks to Stumpy during wheel "surgery".

Stumpy doesn't particularly like being stuck on his side for 24 hours while the adhesive dries. The socks protect his feet when he kicks.

"It'll be ok Stumpy"

Nurse MJ calms Stumpy. He liked her petting his head.

A week of wheelessness while the adhesive cures.

When you can't move very quickly you get a drink wherever you can find it.

The slip-n-slide is a nice source of water.

Peaches are a nice treat for a 2 1/2 legged tortoise.

Eating a peach.

Stumpy's second hut. It is climate-controlled and stylish.

Stumpy warning the baby tortoises about the dangers of lawn mowers.

Stumpy and Helga.

Helga tries out the slip-n-slide. Rascally tortoise.

Stumpy chats with one of the native desert tortoises.

"Hi, my name is Stumpy. What's yours?"

Stumpy and an ornate box turtle.

Stumpy and a 3-toed box turtle.

Hm. Stumpy likes Helga's burrow.

Stumpy thinks he can get into Helga's burrow.

Silly tortoise. You'll get stuck in the burrow if you get over the barrier.

Everybody wants to be Stumpy! Helga is attempting to get some wheels.

Stumpy likes doing shows at libraries because he can get some reading in afterward.

Stumpy's first hut. It was climate-controlled and cozy.

Stumpy was the designated driver.

STumpy enjoys the great music of "Red Letter Drive" at the 2009 Tempe Music Festival.

Stumpy and the Red Bull lab girls at the 2009 Tempe Music Festival.

Stumpy is the mascot of the Tempe Music Festival.

Stumpy advertising for NYPD pizza.

Patches the python hugging Stumpy.

Stumpy making a break for the grass during the TV interview.

Stumpy promoting NYPD pizza and the Tempe Music Festival.

Stumpy making a break when no one is looking.

Stumpy taking off while everyone is busy with the TV spot.

Stumpy, the Tempe Music Festival mascot.

Kids enjoying Stumpy at the 2008 Tempe Music Festival.

Stumpy stealing some pizza at the 2007 Tempe Music Festival.

The chicks dig Stumpy.

Stumpy with "The Milk Maids" at the NASCAR Subway Fresh Fit 500 race.

Stumpy on blocks at the Subway Fresh Fit 500 NASCAR event.

Kissin' up to the sponsor at the Subway Fresh Fit 500 NASCAR race.

Stumpy, Wildman Phil, and Subway's Jared Fogle.

Stumpy and Tempe Music Festival girl Amanda.