Itinerary and packing list

            We will pick up participants starting in Casa Grande around 12pm on day 1 and travel to Peach Springs, AZ.  We will make a supply stop en route.  We will check into the Hualapai Lodge that evening, eat dinner, and have a short river running primer course that will cover safety, logistics, and general "what to expect" info.

            The next morning we will eat breakfast at the lodge and then load into a school bus (a real, live, yellow school bus) that will prepare us for rafting by taking us 21 miles down little-known Diamond Creek Rd to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  There we will load onto the river boats which are motorized, pontoon-style boats.  We’ll be rafting 40 miles of the Colorado River with two scheduled stops along the way and any other necessary stops you may need.  The first 15 miles will have rapids that range from 3 to 7 on the 10-point scale, or class 3, 4, and 5 rapids.  After the 3rd rapid we will stop along the river and walk to Travertine Caverns and see Travertine Falls.  There will be some light rope/rock climbing available which will take only average physical condition.  Around noon we will dock along one of the sandy beaches to enjoy lunch.  We will also have snacks to enjoy along the way.  The next 25 miles will be smooth, and you will get to relax and take in the spectacular beauty of the canyon walls and hopefully see some wildlife. 

            At the end of the river trip we take out at Quartermaster Point and helicopter to the top of the canyon where we head to the Skywalk at Grand Canyon.  We will spend approximately 45 minutes enjoying the Skywalk before we ride a bus back to the lodge through Joshua Tree forests and along historic route 66.  We will enjoy dinner at the lodge and then retire for the night.

             We will leave after breakfast on day 3 returning to Casa Grande about 4pm.



The temperature of the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon is approximately 50 degrees.  The average maximum air temperature inside the Grand Canyon on our rafts is 85 degrees in April with the average low being 60.  The average maximum is 101 degrees in June with the average low being 71.  The average maximum is 96 degrees in September with the average low being 70.


Wet bags for the river run are provided to keep your belongings dry.  The dress for the river will depend on the weather that day.  Usually we can wear a swimsuit or similar-type shorts and shirt...Something that dries fairly quickly.  If it is raining we will want to wear a rain suit over typical hiking clothes.

Shorts (lightweight, fast-drying material)

T-shirt  (lightweight, fast-drying material)

Hat with visor and strap

Rain Jacket / Poncho

Tennis/athletic shoes or river type sandals

Lightweight jacket/polar fleece sweatshirt

Lightweight pants

Sunglasses with a strap!


Sun block

Zip-Lock type bags



Day pack or fanny pack to keep it all in.

Don’t forget toiletries and such for the stay at the lodge.

The lodge is a modern hotel with usual hotel room amenities.  The accommodations are double occupancy.  If you are attending by yourself please be prepared to share a room with another participant.  A single room can be arranged for a charge of $100.

*Cameras – All cameras should have straps.  I recommend keeping your camera in a ziplock type bag, even when it is in the dry bag or ammo can onboard. Disposable waterproof cameras are excellent for this trip.

Video cameras – Since there is no place to recharge batteries I recommend that you bring extra batteries.  Video cameras do not typically fit in the ammo cans so I suggest checking with your local camera store for a waterproof bag.  Big 5, Sports Authority, and REI all sell waterproof containers for electronic equipment

**Money- It is customary upon receiving a satisfactory trip to tip the river crew!

You will also need money for dinners on the first and second evenings as well as second and third day breakfasts.  We will stop for lunch on day 3, also.  You will probably want some souvenirs as well.