School FUNdraising with

Wildman Phil

Wildman Phil puts the “FUN” in fundraising by offering an opportunity for schools to raise money in an easy and ENTERTAINING way.  With very little teacher-power or overhead your student council or PTA can profit several hundred dollars by hosting a Wildman Phil family show.  This is an opportunity that many organizations are taking advantage of because it is innovative, enjoyable, and effortless. 

* No hassles about getting products to kids and hoping they give them to the right people.

* No daily maintenance of a school-site store.

* No door-to-door sales.

  Just a pleasurable evening of quality entertainment for the community.

  Your group is profiting while...

* Encouraging family bonding.

* Offering a low-cost family activity.

* Providing good clean fun featuring a professional performance.

Here is how it works…

We schedule a family show at your school for an evening.  The show is held in a cafeteria, auditorium, gym, etc.

Your school sells tickets to the community.  The students take a flyer home promoting the show and the school puts up flyers in the school office window, the cafeteria, gym, etc.  Some schools print posters and put them in local shops and grocery stores.  Some advertise in the local paper.

The school is responsible for printing the tickets, flyers, posters, etc.  We can provide some picture flyers and tickets that can be used for advertising.

We charge a flat rate for the show, and everything received above that stays with the school.

The evening show is different from Wildman Phil’s school shows since it is geared for the whole family, but it is still informative, entertaining, and includes live animals.  The show lasts about 90 minutes.  Wildman Phil will hang around afterward and sign autographs and let people touch and hold some of the animals.  They can get their pictures with him and/or the animals and all that fun stuff, also.

We suggest that the school charges $10 per family to attend the show.  Usually when we do this fundraiser the school ends up with $500 - $2000 depending on the number of tickets they sell, which is mostly dependant on the amount of advertising that is done.  Some schools have given books to the students or had door prizes they have received from the community.  You can raffle gifts or sell popcorn or drinks as added income.  Be creative.  The sky is the limit when you are providing professional live entertainment for the whole family for about the price of 1 ticket to a movie.